%{ if (~ $"REQUEST_METHOD POST) { if (! grep -s $"post_arg_a $sitedir^$req_path^/words) exit if (! grep -s $"post_arg_b $sitedir^$req_path^/words) exit if (! ~ x$"post_arg_choice xa xb) exit a=$"post_arg_a b=$"post_arg_b if (~ x$"post_arg_choice xb) { a=$"post_arg_b b=$"post_arg_a } echo 'you voted '^$"a^' better than '^$"b^'.' c=`{ echo `{dd -count 1 -bs 1 -if /dev/random | xd -d | sed 1q | sed 's/^0+\ +//' } % 7 | hoc} if (~ $c 0) { echo 'i''m not sure i agree, but you''re the human.' } if not if (~ $c 1) { echo 'seems dandy.' } if not if (~ $c 2) { echo 'guess that''s your choice on it.' } if not if (~ $c 3) { echo 'who would have guessed?' } if not if (~ $c 4) { echo 'you''re a natural!' } if not if (~ $c 5) { echo 'stop trolling me, lol' } if not if (~ $c 6) { echo 'whatever you say, human...' } ramfs k=`{ Kill ramfs | tail -n 1 } while(test -f $sitedir^$req_path^/lock) { sleep 0.1 } touch $sitedir^$req_path^/lock $sitedir^$req_path^/swap $"a $"b < $sitedir^$req_path^/words > /tmp/words mv /tmp/words $sitedir^$req_path^/words rm $sitedir^$req_path^/lock rc -c $"k } a=`{ echo -n `{ fortune $sitedir^$req_path^/words } } b=`{ echo -n `{ fortune $sitedir^$req_path^/words } } while(~ $"a $"b){ b=`{ echo -n `{ fortune $sitedir^$req_path^/words } } } %}

Which word is "better"?

This is an entirely subjective, democratic, anonymous, human-powered random sorting algorithm for a list of words from "best" word to "worst" word. Please search words if you don't know them, to reduce error noise in the data. This is just your opinion. Pick a word! If you're anything like me you'll be learning a lot of words.


Why are you doing this to us?

I am collecting these votes in a sort algorithm on a long list of English words. You may click here to see the current list. I plan to use this list in a weighted markov-chain text generator for use as a chatbot, so that it will be more likely to say happily positive, on-topic nonsense. The code is at index.tpl and swap.c. Which words do you want the bot to use?